Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Alternative HIstories

I can't help but wonder, what if I stayed?
Would I be happier?
What is this idea of happiness and success that I so long for?
Ideas that are so foreign to my complicated brain, I would need a passport to get there.
The definition confuses me and the feeling eludes me.
Time evaporates into pores relishing into sun stained souls.
Sometimes I feel too much and I long for days I can find peace.
Is someone interested in social justice ever at peace?

I want to imagine a better world for myself-- for everyone. I think at the heart of the Occupy movement is the desire to see the change, be the change we wish to be--in this lifetime. To create alternative histories and radical futures that we possess with our bare hands. The ability to see our hard word lay the ground work for the pavement below us. To keep the sun rising everyday with our happiness and joy.

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