Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thought for the day

There are no mistakes, just things that happen or don't happen.

Start with, End With

For once I am writing and in a good mood! haha.....I had a shitty day yesterday, just one of those days where nothing goes right, and now I feeling refreshed and happy, reveling in the fact that I have no control of certain things. Life is ok. Comparatively, life is fucking amazing.

Thanksgiving is coming soon, and I am so thankful for my friends, my bf, my small apt, the food i can buy and my job. The food bank line is getting long as we speak and it makes you realize, if people will wait outside for 6 hours in the cold for food, there level of need is different than yours.

How often do we put our blinders on? We get caught up in the bourgeois, the petty, the soulless.....if you have food, health, friends and shelter, we have life, we have love. We can only work for more, but we are not entitled to more.

We need to share more love, not hate.
Love yourself above anyone else.
Do one good thing a day.
Get some perspective.

what will all of this mean in 20 years? 50? 100? the constant pariah of time gnawing on our ephemeral souls and hearts. the moment is now.

take it.

make it yours.

find love in your world.