Monday, April 28, 2008

Dinner of Pimps: an anecdote

He did it. He really did it.

So I met a painter a couple weeks ago at this really rad show. He had tater tots near his work, and I was so happy, blown away, oddly interested that someone would have tater tots as a snack near their art. We get to chatting and I say, "this is awesome. You have tater tots! This is dinner of pimps man!"...he said, "what did you say?"..."I said, this is dinner of pimps, I mean come on, fucking tater tots for dinner."

He said, "that is brilliant, I want to make a painting out of it, with neon colors, and tater tots, that says dinnner of pimps!"...weird where inspiration comes from.

me: "oh my god, do it, it will be hilarious"

him: "for sure"

now maybe I am skeptical, or just have had enough people say things they don't really mean or know that people don't often follow through (seriously lacking in the human race), but he fucking did it. He just sent me a picture on the phone...

this is good, because my lack of sleep, and not yet sleeping and thinking was depressing is nice to know some people do what they say they will. and find little crazy phrase laden minds sexy and make paintings out of.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Places, Faces, Suitcases

I think the best places to people watch are bars, airports and parks. I cannot wait for San Fran in a little over a week. Next week will be crazy good. I have been so productive today, I feel good.

People are so inherently interesting and complex...seems like I have met a slew of new people lately, all of which are very interesting and interconnected.

I feel like dancing in my underwear...maybe I will.