Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Sex of Secrets

hearts race as breath quickens, the new touch dissolves into fingerprints, tainting the pure skin which was absolved of all its lies. the soul sighs mercilessly in joy, finally being touched, don't stop, don't stop, not now....cement this moment of verity, tell me it's real.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ease of ashes

"Who will save us...your smile is on fire....still my heart will let you down....everyone in this room they got troubles too, secret stories of lives that we never knew...."

My new poppy delight! Oh my god, I could just bob my head, sucking on lolipops smiling to this shit.

But my favorite lyric..."why is it that two people can't feel the same way at the same time"

I saw the Cure last night. Wine. Robert Smith. Sad friend. Love love all around. The most beautiful thing I saw was this lesbian couple and one of the girls took her gf's hand and raised it, and said "I am marrying this woman!"...I don't particularly believe in marriage as an institution, but this was a great moment to witness. Pure love and passion.

I miss that. I can wait.

One heart to break...many to fizzle...does someone have any glue?

"Everyday we wake up, we choose love, we choose light...."

I will try, thank you Submarines.