Monday, January 9, 2012


the beginning
is near
who says you can't do anything
just try
sometimes I just want to be a kid again
not worry about any of this stuff
I got my food stamps today
I went to the store and pretended it was xmas
so much food
gluttonous and dirty
inhaling every breath of creativity
but transforming into abstract expression
desire still ranks #1, with confusion a close second
I must remember that life is not a race, but sometimes it feels like
I'm trapped.
I want to think outside of myself.
To take a vacation from my brain.
how to get a way from one's self?
how to move through one's self to another?
my heart is a home, with three locations
my head is a cabinet of ponderings
wandering and wondering
seeking and reaching
utterly useless statements
that fall on the blank page like hard cement.
just give me something real.
what makes a person cry?
such a strange and mysterious thing tears are.
cleansing and absolving
working through that sadness
I listen for the song to call to me.
wait my turn to enter.
believe in what each note tells me is true.
the music of life, always so sharp
sometimes not a chorus, but a solo.
rarely too, a collaboration.

1 comment:

Kehinde Koyejo said...

I totally understand how you feel in this piece. This piece resonates with me and how I feel sometimes...stuck in a narrow opening -desperately trying to get out.