Sunday, January 22, 2012

Consistency in Fluctuation

Be consistent. Something I have long known that I needed to adopt, but seems hard to put into place. I like to think of myself as a wanderer, wonderer and nomad, but even those questionable labels need some stability in the real world.

Creating routines in new places. Attacking new goals and failing and falling back only to move forward again. My discipline in running is proving faulty and time keeps slipping out of my hands like dissolved sand.

How to create consistency in fluctuation? Changing jobs, changing cities, changing friends. The trite but true phrase, the only consistent thing in life is change permeates my current state.

A will to determine the way things I ought to want to sought to be.
To be

Looking forward to the evolution of myself, looking back at the past with near-sighted nostalgia. Improving and living fully every step of the way. And most of all to be able to relax amidst the fluctuation.


Kehinde Koyejo said...

Sister!!!! I love all your new entries!!!! "Consistency and Fluctuation" is beautiful and real. So true, the only thing that is permanent is change and knowing this is a relief for me because sometimes change is a bitch!

punit unisense said...

It was a great exp. reading this post of yours..keep writing.

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