Sunday, December 18, 2011


Closeness beyond belief
a feeling of home
knowing someone so well
better than they know themselves.
Secrets that are kept between two mouths.
Trust that is always held up by hope,
but lives in the murky waters of
To know exactly what to say to make one melt.
To know exactly what to do to make one hurt.
Love can be a weapon, so many people use it for evil.
I ask myself to take my guard down. To love completely and without question.
To accept the flaws and idiosyncrasies my love has and for those I possess myself.
To look in one's eyes and see yourself. To accept fully and continue on.
Togetherness is lived love.
leveraging imaginations to create futures.
That which is sewn together by the ingredients of our past. Those crumbs never quite dissolve do they.
Moving on, moving to, moving with
An intimate body.

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