Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cold, Wintry Portland

The world is asking so much.
Trying to stay afloat.
Clipped wings, trying to break free.
The spell of negativity must be broken.
I will not brainwash myself any longer.
The capitalist demons who want to buy my life, must wait in line.
I would say life is priceless, but we can see in our world that that is not true.
Swimming in a creative space, fueled by ambiguity.
Jumping on rocks, between creeks, hoping I don't fall.
Relishing in ambiguity.
Holding on for dear life to everything that is real.
But is it?
Mirages of the imagination.
Dreams and nightmares dancing together on the same stage.
Embraces remembered in the body far after they occur.
Imbalance, breaking bodies.
Breathing bodies.
That which is living
and full