Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Following the follower, sinking below

I'm so lame about this blog. Been traveling to Death Valley, SF, Salton Sea, and oh so beautiful Riverside. Shot my first experimental film with my friend. Learned a bit of dark room. Good times to be had.

i still don't know what the hell i want...what i am doing. constant push, pulls, lonely hammerings of melancholic memories.

i want to travel more, worry less.
i want more coffee and booze, but should drink tea.
Fucking capitalism ass rapes people, we are slaves to it.
hyper active mind fucking keep analytical booty in tact.
memories flushing out of toilets, love overflowing hearts in hands of time that passes on to each other again and again, when will the pattern end, moving towards nothing, but everything is happening, no time to think, just go, i just want to sleep a bit, maybe make some love with that guy i love so much and cocoon myself into nothingness. yes i used cocoon as a verb.

so there.

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