Thursday, March 13, 2008

Red Tape

Hold on
One moment
Someone will be right with you
May I help you?
Please sign here
You forgot this part
Oh, you're in the wrong place
Who are you here to see?
We don't do that
Let me call someone that might know what you're talking about
This will take two weeks
We don't give out that information
Please hold, the line is busy
Wait time, 10 minutes
All lines are STILL busy, wait time 30 minutes
You've reached the wrong number
Who is this?
well let me refer you....

Current thoughts:
Frustration with school systems, medical offices, all bureaucratic institutions
Monogamy, politics, sex-- Eliot Spitzer-- who the fuck would pay up to 80 grand for pussy?! What a spectacle that story is.
Claritin D will mess up your brain and heart rate!
Being quasi-sick, but ok is a damn nuisance.
Air is good.
Sometimes I want to be a cat.

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